Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It’s the latest Zelda game that’s going to come out on March 3rd 2017, so what spoilers have you excited about the game the fact that you can climb mountains and buildings as long as you don’t run out of stamina. There are also somethings going around like it’s open world map is going to be 9x larger than the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, that’s very big, you’ll also be able to cook food in this game all you need is a campfire and some ingredients and Link will eat it even if he doesn’t like it, you can fly with the paraglider and snipe enemies with your arrows or shoot a campfire to glider higher into the clouds.


So where’s Epona, there are many horses you can highjack and travel with but Epona might not be a part of this game. There also might be some familiar creatures in this Zelda game like in the past games they had Gorons, Zoras, Dekus, Twilis, Ritos, Koroks, Anoukis and etc.